Frequently Asked Questions



How many Pedals will fit onto my RockBoard pedalboard?


This is dependent on the size of your effects pedals. Since there is a great variety of pedal sizes on the market, we cannot answer this question definitively.


How big are the RockBoard pedalboards?


The RockBoard 2018 Series pedalboards are available with the following board surfaces (W x D):

DUO 2.1: 46 x 14.5 cm / 18 1/8" x 5 3/4"

TRES 3.1: 51 x 23.6 cm / 20 1/16" x 9 5/16"

QUAD 4.1: 46 x 32.6 cm / 18 1/8" x 12 13/16"

QUAD 4.2: 61 x 32.6 cm / 24" x 12 13/16

CINQUE 5.2: 61 x 41.6 cm / 24" x 16 3/8"

CINQUE 5.3: 81 x 41.6 cm / 31 7/8" x 16 3/8"

CINQUE 5.4: 102 x 41.6 cm / 40 3/16" x 16 3/8"


Does my Power Supply fit underneath my RockBoard?


Due to the great variety of different multi power supplies on the market, we cannot give you a comprehensive list of all power supplies, and under which boards they will fit.

We can, however provide you with detailed measurements of the RockBoards.
Please find schematic drawings complete with all measurements of the board's undersides linked below.

RockBoard 2018 Series:
DUO 2.1

TRES 3.1

QUAD 4.1

QUAD 4.2





How do the sizes of the 2018 Series pedalboards compare to the Original Series?


Since the sizes of our pedalboards have been tried and true for a long time, we pretty much stuck to what works.

The size comparison of Original and 2018 Series is as follows:

2018 Series Boards Size (W x D) Original Seris Boards Size (W x D)
DUO 2.1

46 x 14.5 cm /
18 1/8" x 5 3/4"


35 x 14 cm /
13 3/4" x 5 1/2"

TRES 3.1

51 x 23.6 cm /
20 1/16" x 9 5/16"


51 x 18 cm /
20 1/16" x 7 1/16"

QUAD 4.1

46 x 32.6 cm /
18 1/8" x 12 13/16"


41 x 31 cm /
16 1/8" x 7 1/16"

QUAD 4.2

61 x 32.6 cm /
24" x 12 13/16"


56 x 31 cm /
22 1/16" x 12 3/16"


61 x 31 cm /
24" x 12 3/16"


61 x 41.6 cm /
24" x 16 3/8"


61 x 40 cm /
25 3/16" x 15 3/4"


81 x 41.6 cm /
31 7/8" x 16 3/8"


81 x 40 cm /
34 7/8" x 18 3/4"


102 x 41.6 cm /

40 3/16" x 16 3/8" 


106 x 40 cm /
41 3/4" x 15 3/4"



How much power do the RockBoard MODs need?


The RockBoard MODs 1, 2, and 3 are completely passive.
Hence they do not require any power supply.

Please note they are conceived of as patch boxes that merely wire connections from underneath the pedalboard through to the front, in order to collect all connections at one central, easily accessible point.


Can I use the MOD All-in-One PatchBays on other pedalboards, except the RockBoards as well?


Yes - the RockBoard MOD All-in-One Patchbays, while primarily designed to fit the front slots of the RockBoard 2018 pedalboards, can be mounted in a variety of third party brand boards.


Will my Original Series RockBoard (SOLO, JAM, CLUB; STAGE, ARENA, TOUR or STADIUM) fit into a 2018 Series Gig Bag or Case?


The external dimensions of the RockBoards pedalboards of the Original Series - SOLO, JAM, CLUB, STAGE, ARENA, TOUR and STADIUM - are very similar to those of the 2018 Series.

They will fit the 2018 Series gig bags and cases as follows:

- SOLO -> will fit the DUO 2.1 Gig Bag and Case (with space to spare)

- JAM -> will fit the TRES 3.1 Gig Bag and Case (with space to spare)

- CLUB -> will fit the QUAD 4.1 Gig Bag and Case (with space to spare)

- STUDIO -> does not have a size equivalent in the 2018 Series, but will fit the QUAD 4.2 Gig Bag & Case with space to spare

- STAGE -> will fit the QUAD 4.2 Gig Bag and Case snuggly

- TOUR -> will fit the CINQUE 5.2 Gig Bag and Case snuggly

- ARENA -> will fit the CINQUE 5.3 Gig Bag and Case snuggly

- STADIUM -> will fit the CINQUE 5.4 Case, but not the GigBag


I have a 18V powered effects pedal - can I bridge the two 9V outputs of the Power LT XL to get 18V?


No, this will not work.

The 9V power slots are highly filtered to avoid digital noise and interference from crossing over between the power slots.

They are not isolated and cannot be bridged to combine their voltage output.

You can, however, connect a charge pump or voltage doubler to one of the 9V slots to increase the output voltage. Please note, that this will decrease the max. current output of 1A.



Which Compact Pedal Connector is the right one for my pedals?


We offer 3 versions of rigid pedal connectors - straight, N-shaped and Z-shaped - as well as the flexible Bender75.

Which connector is the right one for your pedals depends on the following:

Housing Walls:

The straight, N-shaped and Z-shaped connectors should only be used, if the IN- and OUTPUT jacks of your pedal's are absolutely perpendicular (90 degrees) to the pedal's bottom. Using these connectors with angled jack sockets will put excessive strain on the sockets and may damage your pedals.

The Bender75, being completely flexible, will compensate for any angle.
If the walls of your pedal's housing are slightly angled the Bender75 is the perfect choice for you.

Orientation & placement of the jack sockets:

If the jack sockets of both pedals you want to connect are front-mounted, the Bender75 is the best choice of pedal connector for you.

Should your pedal have jack sockets that are offset in height as well as along the side of the pedal you will have to chose between the Z-shaped and N-shaped connectors.
Both of them can compensate for height as well as depth differences.
The Z-shaped connector is perfect for compensating for small distances.
The N-shaped connector will compensate for wider distances.

In the jacks of the pedals you want to connect are exactly at the same height as well as opposite of each other, the straight pedal connector ist the perfect choice.


What's the difference between the 3 lines of Flat Patch Cables?


The RockBoard Flat Patch Cables are available in 3 series. The regular black Flat Patch Cables, GOLD SERIES FLAT Patch Cables and SAPPHIRE SERIES Flat Patch Cables.

They are different in their core features:

Flat Patch Cables (black):

- medium quality audio cable
- molded plastic plug housings
- twisted copper shielding

GOLD SERIES Patch Cables:

- high quality audio cable
- metal plug housings
- 90 % braided tinned copper + aluminum foil shielding
- gold-plated connectors (24 karat)


- premium quality audio cable
- metal plug housings
- 100 % braided tinned copper + aluminum foil shielding
- gold-plated connectors (24 karat)


How much karat is the gold plating on the GOLD SERIES / SAPPHIRE SERIES / PatchWorks Solderless plugs?


The gold plating of the GOLD SERIES and SAPPHIRE SERIES Flat Patch Cables' as well as the Patch Works Solderless Plugs' connectors is 24 karat gold.


The PatchWorks Solderless Cable I built does not work - what can I do?


The RockBoard PatchWorks Solderless Patch Cable System is designed to basically work  Plug'n'Play.
Please follow all the steps laid out in the manual to put your cable together.

It is important that you test your cable using a cable tester afterwards to be sure everything works as it should.

Should you encounter a dead cable, the culprit could be the following:

- The cut is not completely flat:
   If you cut the cable with a regular cable cutter it can happen that the cut is not comletely straight.
   Then the cable shield might not make contact with the inside of the sleeve.

   Make sure the cut is completely straight by using the supplied RockBoard PatchWorks Cable Cutter!

- The conductor and shield slipped back into the cable mantle:
   If the cable is being squezed and pulled too hard, the mantle can stretch and protude over the center conductor and shield which makes contact impossible.
   Should this happen, simply make a new cut using the RockBoard PatchWorks Cable Cutter and make sure it is a straight cut that exposes all parts of the cable equaly.





Which Cables do the Flat Patch Color Code Rings fit?


The RockBoard Color Code Rings have been specially designed for use with the RockBoard Flat Patch Cables.

Their small circular projection on the inside will fit into the indentation on the back of Flat Patch Cables, GOLD SERIES Flat Patch Cables and SAPPHIRE SERIES Flat Patch Cables alike.

They will also fit the angled plugs of RockBoard Flat Instrument Cables and RockBoard Flat Looper/Switcher Connector Cables.

Power Supply


My Power LT XL looses charge when not in use, what can I do?


In general the battery charge of the Power LT XL should not decrease, when the unit is not in use and stored properly.

However, due to the construction of the litium-ion batteries used in the Power LT XL, the battery charge can decrease, if the power bank is being stored at to low a temperature.

Optimal temperature for this type of lithium-ion battery is 20 degrees Celsius / 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Should the Power LT XL be storred at significantly lower temperatures, the battery charge can diminish by up to 15 % in 24 hours. This does not constitute a defect.

Please make sure to store your POWER LT XL only fully charged and at room temperature to avoid loosing battery charge and capacity.


What is so special about the Flat Power Cables?


The Flat Power Cables are constructed like coaxial audio cable.

The center conductor is connected to the tip and a surrounding shield, separated by a layer of non-conductive insulation, is connected to the barrel of the 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug.

This makes the Flat Power Cables shield themselves against putting out any kind of electrical interference. Hence they will not cause any hum or hiss in your signal chain and can even be run in parallel to cables that carry audio signal.

Also, their plugs are of course as space saving as possible, so none of that precious pedalboard real-estate is being squandered.


Are the two 9V power slots of the Power LT XL isolated?


The RockBoard Power LT XL is a rechargeable battery powered power supply. Hence it is not connected to mains power ground.

Even if the unit is being charged and in use at the same time, the 9V power slots, as well as the 5V USB slot they are not connected to the mains ground.

Hence, they do not require galvanic isolation.
In order to prevent digital noise from crossing over between the two 9V and the 5V USB power slots all outputs are highly filtered to provide clean power.

This means you can daisy-chain analog and digital effects pedals without any problems on the Power LT XL, provided you use one 9V slot for analog and the other for digital pedals exclusively.